How Mailchimp’s poor customer service led me to SendInBlue

Mailchimp is one of the main service providers that bloggers and companies use in order to manage their mailing lists and keep in touch with their customers. Competitors to Mailchimp include SendinBlue, AWeber, and Get Response.

I had initially chosen Mailchimp because it was free up to the point where you have 2000 people on your mailing list. I felt that at that milestone, I would either have a lot of revenue or be close to having enough revenue to cover the paid service. In addition, Mailchimp was the service provider that I heard the most about prior to even considering building my own mailing list.

After creating the Mailchimp subscriber forms for my website, I tried signing up on my site a few times successfully. While making tweaks and sending the information to subscribers (which at this point just included 2 different email addresses that belonged to me), I suddenly received this email:

I logged into Mailchimp and responded to them:

A screenshot taken on May 31st 2019 on the of status of the March 25th 2019 complaint

It has been more than 2 months and Mailchimp still has not responded to me or unblocked my account. I didn’t wait 2 months. 2 days after receiving the reply, I switched to the free version of SendInBlue which allows me to run test emails to my own email addresses without blocking my account. I have used SendInBlue for 2 months with no issues now and I highly recommend them.

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